Message from the Managing Director

The telecommunication industry has experienced steady growth in the past decade, the communication sector currently contributes 3.8% of the overall country’s GDP, with telecommunication being a major driver. Even though investment (be it direct foreign or local), and the use of Telecommunication services is still at what some would refer to as “early stage” the industry is growing gradually and accommodating new players, development of new products and service, parallel innovation, OTT diversification etc.

The telecommunication industry in Sierra Leone has a total number of 4.2 million users with Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of $3 a month, and a total monthly revenue pool of US$12.6 million.

Our Network

We are a member of the Africa Coast to Europe Cable, which is administered by a consortium of 20 members links Europe to the West Coast of Africa through an unprecedented connectivity. Efficient and competitive, this 700-million-dollar system uses the most advanced high-speed broadband fibre optic technology and is a vector of social development and economic growth in Africa, reducing the digital divide.



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