SALCAB’s IP Transit provides reliable, scalable and affordable Internet connectivity for our clients. Our IP transit is built upon an International Internet Backbone, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Services, Key Access Point Port Availability and IPv6/ IPv4 dual-stacking all supported by adaptability to a wide range of connection speeds that are crucial to infrastructure elements and robust redundancy. Supported with rapid turnaround and scalability to grow with your business with a flexible and straightforward billing/pricing proposition. We support you to extend your coverage through a single high-quality network, with short hops between routes to reach the desired end user.


Why IP Transit From SALCAB?

  • Just one hop away to google, Facebook, Microsoft, Akamai, our IP transit is content rich and provides direct peering and low latency links with the largest content providers.

  • We offer direct connectivity to Lisbon with a full redundancy

  • Comprehensive Customer Support

  • DDoS included protection

  • Private Redundant DNS Servers

  • A reliable and resilient high-speed internet backbone network that delivers data securely, along with the most optimised route possible via our infrastructure allowing for 99.9% availability

  • Low latency and consistent performance, our unmatched network is backed by strong direct relationships with major global content providers, ISPs and Tier 1 carriers.

  • Guaranteed Flexible Bandwidth through a dedicated port available in various bandwidths ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gbps



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