International Private Leased Circuit


SALCAB delivers a highly scalable and resilient point-to-point private leased switched circuit, providing high-speed connectivity across Africa, Europe and the rest of the world. SALCAB’S Private Lease line service offers International Private Lease Line, E-Line Africa, E-line Freetown and E-Line National services. We offer International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) that Is reliable and dedicated. It allows simultaneous two- way transmissions of digital signals at various speeds ranging from lower to higher bandwidths depending on customers requirement. This service is available in all our Points of Presence and is provisioned over our robust SDH technology, and Access to the customer site Is achieved using our fibre network.  

Terrestrial Fibre

We can now offer our clients access to terrestrial fibre connectivity to transport high capacity data to major cities and township nationwide.

Our clients will experience the benefits of increased bandwidth, reliability and scalability that our terrestrial fibre Network provides. Leveraging our wholly-owned ECOWAN & National fibre infrastructure.


We are the only carrier in Sierra Leone to offer multiple node collocation sites that are physically located across the country with fully redundant fibre paths between the nodes. Because we own the network that connects these facilities, we can offer your virtual cross-connect within the multiple nodes, helping you save.


IP Transit

SALCAB’s IP Transit provides reliable, scalable and affordable Internet connectivity for our clients. Our IP transit is built upon an International Internet Backbone, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Services, Key Access Point Port Availability and IPv6/ IPv4 dual-stacking all supported by adaptability to a wide range of connection speeds that are crucial to infrastructure elements and robust redundancy. Supported with rapid turnaround and scalability to grow with your business with a flexible and straightforward billing/pricing proposition. We support you to extend your coverage through a single high-quality network, with short hops between routes to reach the desired end user.

Collocation and Power

We provide power, towers, racks and storage facilities for Mobile Network Operators and Internet Service Providers.

What makes it unique

  • Power supply guaranteed

  • High Reliability

  • N+1 redundancy for each power system

    Controlled environment for equipment hosting.

  • Custom power requirements - by request Operations

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to prevent power spikes, surges and brownout events.


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