Tech Start-up

Our belief system in the young generation of Sierra Leone is one of our highest hope. Therefore we have challenged ourselves to support our youth to actualise their dreams – go out there and create an impact. We will create a platform to sell the potentials of our young generation, and proof to the world that Sierra Leone is more than just wars, famine, and poverty. Alternatively, that business in Sierra Leone only revolves around the selling and buying of natural resources. 

Sierra Leone is not only one of the youngest countries in African, but also home to some of the precious deposit of natural resources, but our most cherished gem is our human resources. Hence, we are aspiring to energise the spotlight that will change the narrative and tell our story as a place where to pool intellectual resources, Innovators and groundbreaking entrepreneurs.

Therefore, Sierra Leone Cable will take the lead to drive innovation and entrepreneurship through the rollout of the SALCAB tech start-up competition. We will provide seed capital for cohort, coaching & mentoring programs, incubation &  business model development and the right network environment to drive ideation to scalability.

School Connectivity


We believe in the value of community as a breeding ground to support dreams and aspirations, and our role as a business to give back to our community is not only limited within the spectrum in which we operate. We have critically selected programs that are pivotal in making our community a better place. We believe connectivity is a way of life and a fundamental element in driving sustainable micro and macroeconomic development - This is the reason why we are supporting the President's flagship program - Free and Quality Education through our School Connectivity Project.

The School Connectivity Project is a support to the free and quality education initiative by providing free quality connectivity to schools and universities. We have adopted this program as a CSR initiative – We will provide dedicated bandwidth, and support the cost of operations and maintenance of the network to enhance the enabling learning environment for students. Our goal is to connect 500 schools and universities by 2023.


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